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16 January 2006

Journalism with a bit of a gonzo edge

Off-Leash Public Affairs will be (or is) non-commercial journalism with a bit of a gonzo edge. The tenets and responsibilities of journalism still apply, although OLPA may be considered New Media with its Internet blog and video downloads, and a show on community-access cable TV. Printed and "published" newspapers definitely are Old Media, although community-access TV might be considered Middle-Aged Media since it started only in the early 1970s (see

Addendum, 25June2007:
Interview in Salon (web magazine) with Josh Wolf, a video blog journalist (and one-time UCSB Daily Nexus writer) once imprisoned by The Government for 7.5 months through April 2007, because he did not give up, on demand, his unpublished video about a riot. This and many other stories about him explore the rapidly evolving definition about what is journalism and who is a journalist. Here is the Colbert Report interview from 13June2007.

Addendum, May 2007:
news article on California legal status to define journalists and a shield law

Original posting...
Some definitions of Journalism:
* a style of writing for presenting bare facts to describe news events
* Journalism is a discipline of collecting, verifying, reporting, and analyzing information gathered regarding current events, including trends, issues and people. Those who practice journalism are known as journalists.
* also see:
and especially the traditional definitions

In a shield law proposed in 2004, legislation attempted in Texas (!) defined a journalist as:
“a person, or an employee, independent contractor, or agent of that person, engaged in the business of gathering, compiling, writing, editing, photographing, recording, or processing information for dissemination by any news medium”;
and a news medium as:
"a person who in the ordinary course of business publishes, broadcasts, or otherwise disseminates news by print, television, radio, or other electronic means accessible to the public”.

Who is a Journalist definitely is evolving in modern culture, but what is Journalism should not be. Journalism is a craft and method, not necessarily just a profession paid by a certain organization

Following a nationwide trend, California Highway Patrol has been challenged successfully many times, so CHP no longer serves as the statewide umbrella agency, or defacto gatekeeper, for defining who is or is not a journalist. But the CHP definition still includes employment status as part of its apparent policy.
See also this summary from November 2004:

The CHP policy from their own Media Guide (
"The CHP no longer issues press cards. Any existing cards are not valid and should be destroyed or returned to the CHP. CHP officers will recognize permanent employees of bona fide news gathering agencies if shown a business card or other item which identifies the individual in association with the news gathering organization."

The Producers of Off-Leash Public Affairs carry identification cards that indicate their status as journalists with this TV show. Whether OLPA is "bona fide" or not will be judged by history.