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29 August 2008

Episode 027... Let Santa Barbara Ring

Marriage for All
__Affirming the right of same-gender couples to marry under the law, the California Supreme Court eliminated this vestige of discrimination by its ruling on 15th May 2008. The Court ruling overturned a ballot initiative 8 years earlier (Proposition 22-2000) that attempted to ingrain discrimination into the California Constitution.
__In this video, the people of Santa Barbara celebrate this Supreme Court ruling with a spontaneous rally held the same day and at the County Courthouse. Overshadowing the joyous mood, though, was yet another State ballot initiative (Proposition 8-2008 during the November election) that, again, intends to mess with the California Constitution by eliminating this affirmed civil right. Speakers during this rally mentioned an earlier event the prior February to commemorate the murder of Lawrence King, a high school student from Oxnard.
__When this right to marriage went in effect locally on 17th May, the video includes interviews with local clergy and covers some ceremonies held in the Santa Barbara County Courthouse tower.
__Hosted and produced by David Pritchett, this video episode of Off-Leash Public Affairs features interviews with and/or remarks by Helene Schneider, Mark Asman, Teena Grant, Hillary Blackerby, David Selberg, Jarrod Schwartz, Marty Blum, Iya Falcone, Mary O'Gorman, Salud Carbajal, Lauren Wyeth, Karen Quimby, Kim Summerfield, Sue Van Horsen, Andy Edgar-Beltran, Manny Edgar-Beltran, Melissa Mecija, Ross Beardsley, Percy Sales, Lauren Mancuso, and Ken Collier.
__As featured in the video, some organizations advocating to keep the existing legal right for same-gender couples to marry include Pacific Pride Foundation in Santa Barbara and the statewide organization Let California Ring.

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45 minutes, with bonus content (in addition to the 28-minute TV-17 version) of the famous Garden Wedding video ad, a found montage of political hypocrisy about the marriage rights of Ellen DeGeneres, and the long-version outreach video by Let California Ring.
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