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01 August 2008

Episode 026... SB Women's Political Committee: 20 Years of Feminists Making a Difference

More Access, Voice, Power.
This episode covers the 20th Anniversary Celebration Dinner by Santa Barbara Women's Political Committee (SBWPC), held 18 March 2008 with an attendance of about 230. U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer was the keynote speaker and her full remarkes are featured in OLPA episode 019, produced shortly after the event.
This video captures the feel of the event and OLPA co-Host David Pritchett interviews various SBWPC members about the state of local feminism since the SBWPC Founding Mothers launched the organization 20 years earlier. Interviews are with SBWPC members and friends Lori Schneider, Margaret Connell, Willie Rowan, David Landecker, County Supervisor Janet Wolf, Susie Dumpis, Vijaya Jammalamadaka, Patty Monroy, Liz Camacho, SBWPC Board President Mary O'Gorman, and Lisa Guravitz. Additional speakers include County Supervisor Salud Carbajal, State Senate candidate Hannah-Beth Jackson, and Susan Rose receiving the annual Roses Award.

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42 minutes, with bonus content not included in the TV-17 version and featuring the full presentation of the annual Roses Award, plus an energetic speech by State Senate Candidate Hannah-Beth Jackson, and a concluding photo collage of SBWPC members at age 20.
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