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22 August 2009

Episode 038: Healthy Business, Healthy People

Multi-Topic Episode
Camp Canine local business, DAWG dog "micro-chipping"
Healthy to the Core rally, Policy Talk with Cathy & David

1. Off-Leash Public Affairs co-producer David Pritchett interviews Mary Sorosky and Jane Sorosky, proprietors of Camp Canine, a homegrown local business for doggie day care on East Montecito Street near Milpas Street in the mixed M-1 zone.

2. Also at Camp Canine, DAWG veteran volunteer Shirley Jansen explains the benefits of "micro-chipping" where a passive integrative transponder (about the size of a rice grain) is injected under the dog skin. A scanner can read the encoded data about the dog with the tag, so naked dogs still can have an identification.

3. The second location in this episode (timecode 7:25 min.) features the Healthy to the Core rally held 28 June 2009 at Plaza De la Guerra, downtown Santa Barbara. This event through Organizing for America promoted the health care reform initiatives of President Obama. Michael Just and other local people spoke to the crowd with their personal testimony on the health care crisis. Local Obama campaign organizer Sherry Holland also described the Obama health care reform effort accelerating in summer 2009. (Facebook photos by Vicki Allen).

4. The third location in this episode (timecode 17:30 min.) features OLPA co-Producers Cathy Murillo and David Pritchett conversing about local effects of the national health care crisis, skateboard parks, and a proposed Public Works Commission that David would want to form after getting elected to Santa Barbara City Council.

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