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25 September 2010

Episode 060: Paula Perotte for Goleta City Council 2010

The Great Candidate for The Good Land

Goleta City Council candidate Paula Perotte is featured in this Short-Leash subject video to cover the November 2010 election season. [Campaign website here]
__Introduced by Goleta City Councilmember Ed Easton and surrounded by friends, family, and supporters, Paula Perotte speaks during her election campaign kick-off event held at Goleta Valley Community Center, 13th September 2010.
__A resident of Goleta The Good Land for 27 years, Perotte speaks about maintaining and improving the quality of life in Goleta through a responsive City government. She also notes her civic credentials as a leader in the regional PTA, advocate for pedestrian safety, and partner in a high-tech local business, among other activities. [Santa Barbara Independent news article of this event]
__When asked by Off-Leash Public Affairs Co-Producer David Pritchett about whether if elected Perotte would want to change the current agricultural zoning of the 240-acre Bishop Ranch, which is perpetually proposed by residential land developers, she responds with a definite no, stating: "I see no need to make any changes in the General Plan for the foreseeable future. That's a direct quote!"

For this 8-minute video edited by David Pritchett --with plenty of noise from nearby busy Hollister Avenue-- cameras were run by David Pritchett and George Relles, with some still photos included by Paul Wellman from the Santa Barbara Independent website. During election season, this video also was played numerous times on the GreenScreen show of short videos by Santa Barbara Channels, community-access cable TV-17.
Photos by Paul Wellman