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02 October 2007

Episode 007... U Plan SB: Santa Barbara as the Hinge of History

This second installment in the U Plan SB saga applies to the Santa Barbara City General Plan Update, now occurring with a series of public meetings and staff reports and associated studies. Considering where Santa Barbara has been can help with good decisions about where Santa Barbara should go in its General Plan Update, called Plan Santa Barbara. The first OLPA episode was about some of these public meetings, and so will be future episodes.

Accordingly, this OLPA episode features a lecture by Harvey Molotch entitled Santa Barbara as the Hinge of History. The lecture was the main event at the annual meeting of SBCAN (Santa Barbara County Action Network), held 18 July 2007 at Karpeles Manuscript Museum in downtown Santa Barbara. In 2 of her Looking Forward commentary columns in Santa Maria Times, SBCAN Executive Director Deborah Brasket wrote about this meeting and its applicability to what can be learned for Santa Maria.

Molotch is Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis at New York University, but for 35 years between 1968 and 2003 he was Professor of Sociology at UCSB, when he was quite active in local Santa Barbara planning affairs, as he describes in his remarks.

The TV-17 cablecast started Monday, 08 October, and ended its 8 replays on Sunday, 21 October, pending any schedule adjustments for the 2 Special hour-long OLPA episodes in October about the upcoming Santa Barbara City Council election, entitled Chewing on the Candidates.

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