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29 November 2008

Episode 031... Tea Fire Citizen Videography

Community rises to overcome wildfire disaster
The Tea Fire ignited the early evening of Thursday, 13th Nov. 2008.
_ This episode of Off-Leash Public Affairs (OLPA) features 15 amateur and semi-pro short videos (of nearly 100 published) that document the first few hours of the Tea Fire Incident and its near-term aftermath. Some of these featured 15 short videos are edited quite well and all were posted at YouTube within a few days or hours following the peak of the fire incident. The video producer or YouTube user name is indicated for each.
_ Although an earlier report put the total at 231 homes, as cited in this video, this wildfire destroyed 230 homes in the foothills of northeast Santa Barbara and northwest Montecito, and more than 5000 people evacuated during the most active phase of the fire that Thursday night.
_ In this video, OLPA co-Producer David Pritchett also includes excerpts from the multi-agency news conference held at Santa Barbara City Hall Friday afternoon, 22 hours after the wildfire ignition. By then, the wildfire had not expanded much because the winds stayed calm, and officials were cautiously optimistic that fire containment would be soon.
_ Approximately 70 people participated in that Friday news conference. County Supervisors Salud Carbajal and Janet Wolf noted then how the community rose to the occasion with aid to Tea Fire evacuees, firefighters, and support staff. Janet Wolf concludes the video with remarks about her personal experience when her home and 426 others burned during the Paint Fire in 1990.

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