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21 December 2009

Episode 041: Susan Jordan for State Assembly

Brass Backbones Indeed

This episode features an election campaign event by Susan Jordan, Democratic candidate for California State Assembly, District 35 (map). The event with 100+ guests was held 14th November 2009 at the Hope Ranch home of Betty Stephens. In this video, Jordan speaks about her biography and readiness for this elected position, along with her accomplishments as an advocate for coastal and consumer protection in California.
__The Statewide Primary election will be held 8th June 2010. Considering that a strong majority of voters in this Assembly District are registered as Democrats, the Democratic Party nomination in the June Primary often is considered a more vigorous and lively contest than the General election held later in November for Democratic versus Republican candidates. For the June 2010 Primary election, Das Williams is the Democratic opponent to Susan Jordan.
__Touting the need for brass backbones in the fortitudinal combat of the State Assembly, speakers featured in this video include: Connie Hannah, long-time community activist and coastal protectionist (in a separate interview); Betty Stephens, host for the event and social and political activist-philanthropist; Susan Rose, former Second District County Supervisor; Sheila Kuehl, former Assemblymember and State Senator; Delaine Eastin, former Assemblymember and State Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Susan Jordan herself.
__The end of this video includes 15 minutes where Susan Jordan responds to questions from the audience, as video content not included in the 28-minute version played on cable TV-17. Photos from the event were recorded by Kyle Woollet. Co-Producer Cathy Murillo recorded the video and co-Producer David Pritchett edited it. An 8-minute excerpt video highlighting Jordan's biographic remarks is at YouTube.

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