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10 June 2008

Episode 024... Take Back The Park

Carpe Parcem
Few people know or appreciate that the park-like lawn area in front of Fess Parker DoubleTree Resort (DoubleTree Hotel) actually is public open space with no restrictions on access. This site lies along Cabrillo Bl. at East Beach in Santa Barbara. The hotel cannot exclude people from passive recreation and picnicking there, as a legal condition of approval from when the hotel project was planned 1979-1981 and approved by the City and California Coastal Commission.
__This history and the joys of the public open space are explained in this video by David Stone, the Founder and Visionary of Take Back The Park, an annual event celebrated there during an afternoon each July since 1987. This video was recorded from Take Back The Park XX (held 07 July 2007), with additional content from a June 2008 interview with Dave Davis, the Santa Barbara City Planner for the hotel project at the time.
__An OLPA Short-Leash Subject (3 minutes) on this also is available at YouTube. This full OLPA episode debuted 23 June 2008, and replayed 9 times on local cable TV-17.

Watch the Video of this show!! (44 minutes, including bonus content of Park Party Animals, Rotunda ruckus, and the full interview with Dave Davis) For the video host at Vimeo, select the Episode title atop this post.

04 June 2008

Episode 023... Shane Stark Looking Forward with SBCAN

Shane Stark DOES know and he CAN say... and then he joins the Cabal.
___Tri-Tip, Public Records Requests, Planning Nuts, Philly Cheesesteak, Shame-Based Statutes, La Graciosa, Streaming Web Stuff, and the entertainment-only value of News-Press InfoTorials are all part of the hit parade of topics about local culture and politics dished by Shane Stark, the recently retired County Counsel attorney representing the Santa Barbara County government.
___Speaking to perhaps his largest off-the-job crowd since his belly-laughing remarks during the retirement party for County Supervisor Susan Rose, Shane Stark is featured dishing as only he can during the annual Looking Forward North County awards event held by SBCAN (Santa Barbara County Action Network) and its non-profit sister organization, Santa Barbara County Organization for Research and Education (SBCORE). Stark retired from 20 years in County government service on 25 January 2008.
___This episode started playing on TV-17 Monday, 09th June. The bonus video content here after 28:30 minutes includes remarks by award recipients Joan Leon, John Buttny, and Eric Cardenas, and SBCAN Directors Vibiana Saavedra and Joann Marmolejo.
photo by Paul Wellman, SB Independent
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Watch the Video of this show!! (28 minutes, plus bonus content of award recipients) For an alternative video host via Google Video, select the Episode title atop this post.