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OLPA replays at irregular times on cable TV, Channel 17, The Santa Barbara Channels. Enter search word LEASH at their Schedule of video replays.

Our show is in hiatus!
David and Cathy (especially her) have been a bit busy since 2011 with the ultimate in local public affairs....

19 June 2007

OLPA debuts July 2007... Future OLPA episodes

Just a wee bit later than first anticipated, OLPA will debut in July 2007 on SBChannels, cable TV 17. The schedule will be posted here, and eventually the whole video via Google-Video.

The second OLPA episode will be about Friends of Douglas Family Preserve (a City park) and an associated artistic fundraiser event by SCAPE to occur 28-29 July 2007.

UPDATE, 14 July 2007
OLPA show schedule and future episodes
Each episode will show 6 to 8 times during a 2-week period starting on these debut dates.

16 July... Douglas Family Preserve: People, Dogs, Birds, and Bees
30 July... Scrubs for SiCKO
13 August... Independence Day 2007
27 August... U Plan SB: The Listening Tour (possible date for debut, but may change)

Other future OLPA episodes and working titles (dates uncertain), most with video already recorded (this all is about 40 separate episodes and more than 1.5 YEARS of shows if a new episode debuts every 2 weeks!!):
  • Plaza del Pueblo 2007
  • 5 Questions for 3 City Council Candidates
  • Even-Year Elections Are Better Than Odd-Year Elections
  • Santa Barbara Steelhead Festival 2007
  • Take Back The Park XX
  • Douglas Family Preserve: Community Planting Day 2006
  • U Plan SB: The Public Strikes Back
  • U Plan SB: Return of the City
  • Santa Barbara ChannelKeepers
  • Santa Barbara as the Hinge of History, by Harvey Molotch
  • SBCAN Oscars Party 2007
  • Marching for Peace in March 2007
  • Plan to End Homelessness
  • Shape of Voice
  • Ormond Beach Wetlands Restoration Project
  • Halaco Hell
  • Citizens Planning Sand Sculptures
  • Citizens Planning and Talking about Housing
  • Mission Creek Fish Passage (multiple episodes)
  • Veterans Clinic Moves
  • May Day March(es) for Immigrants
  • News-Press-Mess (multiple episodes)
  • Veronica Meadows Mess, the Arroyo Burro Blues
  • Mosquito and Vector Management District: What's That?
  • Tour de California 2006
  • Santa Barbara Steelhead Festival 2006
  • E-Cycling, or E-Waste Exporting
  • California Ocean Protection Council
  • Mission County Meltdown
  • Santa Barbara 93111
  • Measure D-2008
  • CAUSE vs. BSA: Bigotry is not in the Scout Law
  • Social Justice of Streetsweeping

Potential subjects for additional OLPA episodes are listed below under a subject posting from January 2006.