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20 January 2006

ideas for show episodes and topics

No particular order of priority, and certainly not a complete list:
  • Goleta Slough projects
  • the F-word: FEMINISM
  • Santa Ynez River issues, local water etc.
  • water supply and conservation
  • Vets for Peace, profiles and programs
  • elected officials and their pet projects
  • candidates for election
  • Walking With The Incumbents
  • Coastal Housing Partnership, March seminars
  • Special Districts, what and why
  • retail neighborhood law enforcement for shopping carts strewn about, how and why, who pays, sidewalk blockers, encroaching hedges, tagging, real estate signs, etc.
  • Sycamore Creek flooding per PUEBLO, CalTrans delayed
  • SRF conference presentations from late Feb.2006
  • LNG (liquid natural gas) proposals in Ventura County, Santa Barbara nexi
  • Ormond Beach project, nexi to South Coast
  • Santa Cruz Island management, TNC and friends
  • Ventura River history by Jenkin
  • Ventura River projects, Matilija Dam
  • Channels TV, what and why
  • neighborhood group profiles
  • traffic calming, roundabouts, and neighbor opinions
  • "alternative" transportation profiles
  • Citizens Police Academy
  • What to learn from Buenaventura City
  • what to learn from Ventura County
  • street sweeping zones, results, finances
  • dog park management
  • San Marcos Foothills
  • Heal The Ocean projects
  • ChannelKeeper projects (existing 5-min. vid on kelp)
  • local neighborhood group profiles
  • CAUSE vs. "Friends of the Boy Scouts", County policy issues late 2001
  • freeway funding and lane filling
  • guest pundits who are not candidates
  • Walk Santa Barbara, by Cheri Rae
  • steelhead component for Los Marineros program SBMNH
  • CEC watershed programs, project complexities
  • local schools funding and tiers
  • SB Museum of Art, migrant workers exhibit 22Apr.-06Aug.
  • CBER at UCSB, campus projects, seminars
  • Fossil Free by '33


Larry Nimmer said...

Your list is not interactive... should it be?

David Pritchett said...

Each episode of the show will have a separate blog entry by date. As no episodes are yet completed, those entries have not yet appeared. The list of topics here is just a list, but a link on each and a narrative description for each topic certainly would be nice, but only likely after I quit my day job because I got a phat advance from Dreamworks for future productions of OLPA.

The first episode, about the Second District Supervisorial election for the June 2006 election, still should appear in late March, and will have a separate blog entry for that and subsequent episodes.

Betsy said...


How about adding the Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance, its process through the committees and how it will affect various neighborhoods around town?

David Pritchett said...

To respond to BETSY:
I am thinking the City Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance (NPO) would be addressed in a broader episode or two about the City General Plan Update (GPU), all under the theme about how much urban growth and increase in residential density is enough to consider Santa Barbara "built out" at "carrying capacity" so Santa Barbara remains as Santa Barbara.

We are more interested in the effects of zoning if the thousands of residential lots really are built out up to their maximal potential under the current zoning or potential change in zoning with GPU2030. Contrast this with too much focus on existing homes simply getting bigger under existing R1 zoning for the "single family" lots that are the purview of the City NPO.

Increased density and increased house sizes both can have the same overall effect, to be explored in the future episode of OLPA.

An episode or two also will profile the various "neighborhood groups" of all stripes, and what the hot issues are or are not with those groups. The City NPO certainly is a big deal to some of them where most of their neighborhood is zoned R1.