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12 October 2010

Episode 061-062: Santa Barbara School Board 2010 Candidates: Limón & Nevins

Compare and Contrast
the School Board Candidates

A double-feature(!), these episodes of Off-Leash Public Affairs (OLPA) provides equal editorial and video production treatment of Monique Limón and Dean Nevins, candidates for the Nov. 2010 election to Santa Barbara School Board of Education. This election pits 4 candidates chasing 2 seats on the ballot, one as an open seat and another that is defended by incumbent Kate Parker.
_OLPA Producer David Pritchett caught up with Limón and Nevins when they were speaking at separate neighborhood meetings held Sunday, 10th October 2010. Separate videos of each are below, which play(ed) together on Santa Barbara Channels, cable TV-17 (schedule below).
_Both of these candidates easily can be considered qualified for the elected Board position, but each comes from markedly different backgrounds and experiences. They each seem to share the same goals for Santa Barbara schools and students. They also may be competing for the same voter base, political watchers expect.
_As a brief biographic comparison, Monique Limón, age 31, grew up in the same public schools she now wants to govern; she currently is on the local Board for Adelante Charter School, and for her day job is a manager at UCSB McNair Scholars Program, an office that advances educational achievement for undergrads. Dean Nevins, age 47, is a 6-year sitting Trustee on the smaller Goleta School Board; coming from San Luis Obispo, he moved to the area as a computer engineering graduate student at UCSB and now is the incoming Academic Senate Chair for SBCC faculty.
_These videos allow voters to compare and contrast these 2 candidates.
Each makes an approximate 6-minute statement/pitch to the audience and answers a couple of crowd questions, followed by Journalistic Video Producer Pritchett interviewing them and asking 3 standard questions like these:
  1. What will you do about the diminishing School District budget and would you cut teachers and/or administrators to save expenses?
  2. Do you think that separate neighborhood elementary schools, charter schools, academy schools, etc. are setting up a separate, classist model of segregated school quality?
  3. What are a couple of things in your background or experience that would make you a good School Board Trustee?
The video interviews for each candidate are about 14 min. long.
Best viewed at
high-resolution (480p) and full-screen size.

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