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04 May 2008

Episode 021... YES on Measure V for SBCC

ELECTION UPDATE: Blowout Victory at 70% YES vote!!
Another Important Election is Happening on June 3rd!!
___ Election no. 2 of 3 in 2008 is coming up on June 3rd. This episode highlights Measure V on the June 2008 ballot, to benefit Santa Barbara City College (SBCC), a public institution governed by an elected Board of Trustees as a Special District agency.
___ Measure V asks South Coast (Santa Barbara County) voters to approve a $77.2 million bond that will qualify SBCC for up to $92 million in State matching funds for 11 critical projects. As described in the extensive outreach materials, the need is for renovation of existing physical facilities --many more than 30 years old-- and upgrades throughout the campus to meet 21st Century standards for collegiate education. The only new construction project is to provide the required SBCC funding share for the new School of Media Arts facility (SoMA) to house existing high tech career programs scattered and crammed inefficiently around the campus.
___ The Measure V campaign website includes descriptions of all these projects and lists the broad-based endorsing organizations, from all over the socio-political map of Santa Barbara County. The ballot has no argument filed against Measure V, indicating a lack of any organized or credible opposition.
___ Video locations in this OLPA episode include the main SBCC campus with its many maintenance-deferred buildings, Schott Center for Adult Education, a news conference held 25 April 2008 at SBCC, a forum of the YES-on-V presentation held 16 April at a meeting of League of Women Voters of Santa Barbara (at Davis Recreation Center), and the Measure V election campaign office opener held 12 April.
___ Subjects interviewed and featured speaking in this video include SBCC President John Romo, SBCC Board of Trustees Chair Desmond O'Neill, SB Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Board Treasurer Luis Villegas, County Supervisor Janet Wolf, League of Women Voters (LWV) local Board President Linda Phillips, SB County Democratic Party Secretary Hillary Blackerby, SB County Republican Party Committeemember Scott Burns, former SB City Councilmember Dan Secord, and current City Councilmember Grant House. (Apologies for mis-spelling the Villegas name in the video text.)
___ A lengthy radio interview by Paul Berenson is here with SBCC President John Romo, and an article by SB Independent is here.
___ Bonus video is included in this version posted here at the OLPA website, about a half-hour of additional content following the first 28:30 minutes version edited for the TV-17 replay. This roughly edited bonus video includes: (1) a KEYT TV news story; (2) campaign staff Emily Allen and Mary Rose briefing the volunteer workers; (3) interviews with John Romo about the State matching funds and how SBCC staff can do voter outreach on their personal time; (4) SBCC Vice Prez Pablo Buckelew describing the various Adult Education programs during the LWV forum; (5) SBCC Vice Prez Joe Sullivan pointing out the decaying infrastructure and the SoMA building site; (6) and extensive unedited remarks, facts, and figures described by Romo and O'Neill responding to the common questions and perception about how SBCC does or does not have too many students from distant areas.
___ This episode debuted on TV-17 Wednesday, 07 May 2008, and replayed 8+ times, ending on 19 May (or later to be posted soon), per this schedule mostly at the usual timeslots.
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