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18 July 2009

Episode 036... MTD Transport & PONY Baseball

Double Feature
MTD Transportation & Opening Day for PONY Baseball

1. Off-Leash Public Affairs co-producer David Pritchett describes community efforts about schedule changes for MTD (Metropolitan Transit District) and how important riding the bus is for anyone who wants to be elected as a Santa Barbara City Councilmember. Line 8 for MTD was a particular focus by Pritchett through his participation in STUC (Sustainable Transportation Users Coalition) with its lead partners PUEBLO and COAST. Pritchett also briefly interviews San Francisco Mayor (and tall candidate for Governor) Gavin Newsom about his city experience with biodiesel fuel for their buses, during his visit to Santa Barbara on 20 March 2009.

2. The second half of this episode features Santa Barbara PONY Baseball, scenes of ball games and ceremonies from Opening Day for the season that began on 14 March 2009 at MacKenzie Park. This segment includes a Spanish-language interview with a PONY parent. We thank Cheri Rae, another PONY parent for facilitating the coverage of this video story by Off-Leash Public Affairs. A video short of this Opening Day event also is up at YouTube.

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