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18 August 2007

Episode 004... Independence Day 2007

As an alternative to the usual Independence Day events of parades, concerts, and fireworks, this episode of the show covers local Democrats talking about their favorite Presidential candidates, the Eyes Wide Open display by Veterans for Peace, and a memorial to Virginia Delgadillo Wootan.

This 4th OLPA episode debuted on Saturday, 18 Aug. 2007, on cable TV-17 (Santa Barbara Channels, community-access TV). That date followed a scheduling hiccup that allowed the prior OLPA episode (Scrubs for SiCKO) a couple of extra showings earlier in the week.

Synopsis. This episode covers 2 events held on Independence Day 2007, plus a short memorial tribute at the end of the video for Virginia Delgadillo Wootan, the recently deceased mother of OLPA Co-Producer Cathy Murillo. The first Independence Day event was recorded during the annual barbecue sponsored by the local Democratic Service Club, a partisan but equal-opportunity group that supports the full spectrum of Democratic party and club activities in the Santa Barbara area. Local Dems were interviewed about their current preferences for the Presidential nomination, including interviews with Barbie Deutsch, Peggy Jo Love House, ej Borah, Ron Perry, and others, each with a different preference for President.

Later that afternoon, Cathy and David visited the Eyes Wide Open display to honor the nearly 300 California fatalities in the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sponsored by Veterans for Peace and American Friends Service Committee, that event was held on the pubic-access lawn along Cabrillo Bl. in front of DoubleTree hotel. That display also was covered by Santa Barbara Daily Sound.

Production Notes. Fun with additional types of video transitions in Final Cut Pro was a new learning exercise in the editing for this episode. Look for dissolves, wipes, irises, ripples, and other effects that transition from image to image instead of a hard edit break. Also, the interviews of the Democrats featured severe exposure compensation so the subject was not underexposed from the bright sunlight in the background.

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