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02 April 2008

Episode 019... Senator Barbara Boxer at SB Women's Political Committee

Access. Voice. Power.

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer joined Santa Barbara Women's Political Committee on the occasion of the the 20th Anniversary celebration for this political powerhouse organization. This annual dinner event with about 230 attendees was held 18th March 2008 at a hotel overlooking East Beach in Santa Barbara.

Besides the keynote address by Senator Boxer, the event featured the annual SBWPC Board President Message (Mary O'Gorman, starting this year), reports on recently endorsed candidates for elected office, awards to high achievers, and the silent and loud auctions. This episode of Off-Leash Public Affairs features the full remarks by Senator Boxer, with a future OLPA episode (summerish 2008) to highlight the other speakers and interviews within the crowd about the state of modern feminism.

In her remarks, Barbara Boxer naturally was projecting forward to a Democrat being elected to USA President, with plenty of commentary about the disaster of the GWBush administration. To hoots from the crowd, the Senator even self-joined the growing Santa Barbara Cabal, when she encouraged all the activists in the room to become the news media and if necessary also raise money for a new local newspaper.

Schedule. This episode debuted 05 April 2008 and replayed a total of 11 times, ending on 20 April 2008, per the replay schedule above, plus a bonus replay at 0730 Friday, 11 April.

Production Technical Note. This video was our first try at the multi-clip editing feature in Final Cut Pro, where Co-Producer Cathy Murillo --with a little help from SBChannels staff genius Josh Figatner-- synced the audio and melded the video recorded from 2 separate cameras into one video clip segment for the overall production. SBChannels Uuber-Volunteer (and another Feminist Man) Tyler Geck helped out as our Crew for the second camera to record the Barbara Boxer remarks.

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