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18 March 2008

Episode 018... U Plan SB: The Listening Tour

This episode of Off-Leash Public Affairs highlights the range, diversity, and passion of public comments during a couple of the "Grassroots Community Workshops, Round 1" outreach meetings held in June 2007 for the Santa Barbara City General Plan Update, called Plan Santa Barbara. The Plan SB website includes reports from the 60+ public meetings held so far for community workshops, individual groups, and City boards.

Most of the content in this video is from the public meeting held at Westside Community Center on 28 June 2007. The opening introduction by OLPA co-Producer David Pritchett also gives an update on the Process Timeline that illustrates how this complex and iterative process eventually will yield a Programmatic Environmental Impact Report that analyzes various alternative planning scenarios for the final General Plan adopted by Santa Barbara City Council.
Viewers may disagree with some of the statements and allegations said by various people in this video, so comments can be entered here (to this blog post) as a response and factual correction. The video file here includes an extra 10 minutes of group discussions and even more explanation by Pritchett about the planning process. That extra content could not fit into the 28-minute version edited for the TV replay.

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This OLPA episode played 11 times on TV-17, starting Friday 21 March and ending 04 April, per the general schedule atop this website and the specific dates above for the latter replays.

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