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15 December 2007

Episode 013... Barack Obama at SBCC

photo by Paul Wellman
Hope. Action. Change.
Per the TV replay schedule listed below, this Special one-hour episode of Off-Leash Public Affairs (OLPA) features nearly all of the Barack Obama rally and campaign stop at Santa Barbara City College, held Saturday, 08 September 2007. This was earlier in the day before Obama's famous cash-raising garden party with The Oprah in Montecito.

In late December 2007, Obama was leading or tied in polling for the Iowa and New Hampshire Presidential Primary elections. Many analysts believe the Democratic and Republican nominations will be decided on Super-Duper Tuesday, 05 February 2008, the date that also includes the Presidential Primary Election for California.

At SBCC, the FIRED UP! crowd ultimately was estimated at 6000 to 8000 in size by several observers. This was the largest event in Santa Barbara for a political candidate since then-President Bill Clinton spoke at SBCC on 01 November 1996.

This OLPA episode also includes interviews with several participants in the Obama rally, including Mike Hackett, Casey Rivers, SBCC Prez John Romo, die-hard Kucinich supporter Gilberto Robledo, and punchy Carpinterians Margaret Bernal and Chris Bernal (spelling uncertain).

For the latter part of the video, 14 weeks after the rally at SBCC, OLPA host-producer-director-videographer-editor (for this episode) David Pritchett interviewed 6 enthusiastic and optimistic leaders with Santa Barbarians for Barack, the local Obama campaign in the Santa Barbara area. Interviewed were: Dana Martin, Anthony Rock, Robert Potter, Tania Israel, Brent Robinson, and Sherry Holland, all describing why they back Barack and what the local campaign is doing. Volunteer hotline is tel. 805-684-5431

The interview occurred while the Barbarians for Barack stood under Fish Named Sue, a steelhead trout sculpture featured in a recent prior OLPA episode. (The faint background noise during this interview is not static, but the welcome rainfall outside.) Long before the Barack Barbarians formed, OLPA episode 003 featured interviews with local Democrats on their wide preferences for Prez during July 2007.

For local cable TV-17, this episode will debut at 9 pm on Friday, 28 December, to replay often up through Election Day (05 February), per the schedule below. For the TV replays, it is an hour-long Special that is shown in addition to the usual half-hour episodes of Off-Leash Public Affairs replaying 4x per week.

As shown by a couple of charts as cutaway images in this video, a mid December Field Poll of California voters shows that Obama is catching up quickly with Hillary Clinton as the preferred candidate among California Democrats, with a bigger boost if Edwards gets out of the race by February and his supporters likely switch to Obama. That poll also shows for the General Election in November 2008 that California Republicans are far more likely to vote for Obama than Clinton.Several photos in this video episode are courtesy of local guy Robert Bernstein, from his broader photo collection of the event. Link there to his other great photos of Santa Barbaraland happenings. Other Santa Barbarian photographers with photos in this video are listed in the outtro of this episode.

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Sunday, 03 February, 2100 hrs. (9 pm, shortly after the usual OLPA episode at 8 pm!!)
Saturday, 02 February, 2000 hrs. (8 pm)
Thursday, 31 January, 1400 hrs. (2 pm)
Tuesday, 29 January, 1200 hrs. (12 pm, although same time as the riveting replay on TV-18 of Santa Barbara City Transport & Circulation Committee meeting)
Saturday, 26 January, 1700 hrs. (5 pm)
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