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05 September 2007

Episode 005... Plaza del PUEBLO

This OLPA episode profiles PUEBLO, a grassrootsy "non-profit economic and environmental justice organization dedicated to building the political power and leadership of low-income residents throughout Santa Barbara County".

An obvious acronym, PUEBLO means People United for Economic justice Building Leadership through Organizing.

Cathy Murillo interviews Vibiana Saavedra about the need for transit programs and political reform in Santa Maria (courtesy photo).

OLPA met up with PUEBLO staff, Directors, members, and supporters during their annual benefit event held at Rockwood Woman's Center on Sunday, 08 July 2007. Modeled closely after the Bread and Roses annual event by The Fund for Santa Barbara, this Plaza del PUEBLO event featured a silent auction of donated goodies, a sumptuous supper, fiery speeches, and hot salsa dancers, all announced by the Moustache of Ceremonies, John "The Palm" Palminteri.

OLPA Co-Producer Cathy Murillo interviewed 7 PUEBLOan women about their organization and its activities:
  1. Esther Aguilera, PUEBLO Board Chair, spoke about their organization model and membership recruitment.
  2. Vibiana Saavedra outlined public transit needs in Santa Maria and the tremendous potential for political reform there.
  3. Miriam Aliarez-Pintnor from the PUEBLO Youth Council described local schools and needs for computers and equity among all students.
  4. Hazel Putney, also from Youth Council, highlighted youth programs and her recent experience with the Community Leadership Institute operated by Just Communities.
  5. Zoila Cabrera discussed needs of local working families and youth.
  6. Marisela Marquez, Board Chair for La Casa de la Raza and staff Director for UCSB Associated Students, described coalation building to achieve successful community partnerships.
  7. Karena Jew talked about inspirations for political involvement and enthusiasm for voting by naturalized immigrants.

Happy Plaza del PUEBLO participants included Doreen Farr, the next Third District County Supervisor; Janet Wolf, the current Second District Supervisor; and Deborah Brasket, Executive Director for SBCAN, Santa Barbara County Action Network (courtesy photo).

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