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19 December 2008

Episode 032... Conversation with Helene Schneider

Helene Schneider Talks City
In the OLPA bamboo studio, Off-Leash Public Affairs co-Producer Cathy Murillo interviews Santa Barbara City Councilmember Helene Schneider regarding current issues in the City, including responses to Tea Fire Incident, Police Department funding and facilities, 10-year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness, upcoming dueling ballot measures about a limitation to downtown building heights, De la Vina Street free right turn, midnight releases from County jail, Casa Esperanza and aggressive begging, Veronica Meadows del Burro, UCSB basketball, Bohnett Park new kids area, winter weather, and other stuff.
_Shortly after this video was recorded (03 Dec. 2008) by OLPA co-Producer David Pritchett, Schneider softly announced that she is a candidate for Mayor of Santa Barbara. (See KEYT news videos.) Her new election committee was noted as the funding source on the reverse side of a December holiday greetings card mailed out to 1000+ Santa Barbara locals. With that as a tip, KEYT-TV3 news made a story of it and proclaimed that KEYT was the first to announce that Schneider was a candidate for Mayor in the November 2009 election.
_Off-Leash Public Affairs is eager and willing to interview ALL candidates for Santa Barbara Mayor!! Just contact us.

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28:30 minutes (with some extra blank space at end).
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