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15 December 2007

Episode 013... Barack Obama at SBCC

photo by Paul Wellman
Hope. Action. Change.
Per the TV replay schedule listed below, this Special one-hour episode of Off-Leash Public Affairs (OLPA) features nearly all of the Barack Obama rally and campaign stop at Santa Barbara City College, held Saturday, 08 September 2007. This was earlier in the day before Obama's famous cash-raising garden party with The Oprah in Montecito.

In late December 2007, Obama was leading or tied in polling for the Iowa and New Hampshire Presidential Primary elections. Many analysts believe the Democratic and Republican nominations will be decided on Super-Duper Tuesday, 05 February 2008, the date that also includes the Presidential Primary Election for California.

At SBCC, the FIRED UP! crowd ultimately was estimated at 6000 to 8000 in size by several observers. This was the largest event in Santa Barbara for a political candidate since then-President Bill Clinton spoke at SBCC on 01 November 1996.

This OLPA episode also includes interviews with several participants in the Obama rally, including Mike Hackett, Casey Rivers, SBCC Prez John Romo, die-hard Kucinich supporter Gilberto Robledo, and punchy Carpinterians Margaret Bernal and Chris Bernal (spelling uncertain).

For the latter part of the video, 14 weeks after the rally at SBCC, OLPA host-producer-director-videographer-editor (for this episode) David Pritchett interviewed 6 enthusiastic and optimistic leaders with Santa Barbarians for Barack, the local Obama campaign in the Santa Barbara area. Interviewed were: Dana Martin, Anthony Rock, Robert Potter, Tania Israel, Brent Robinson, and Sherry Holland, all describing why they back Barack and what the local campaign is doing. Volunteer hotline is tel. 805-684-5431

The interview occurred while the Barbarians for Barack stood under Fish Named Sue, a steelhead trout sculpture featured in a recent prior OLPA episode. (The faint background noise during this interview is not static, but the welcome rainfall outside.) Long before the Barack Barbarians formed, OLPA episode 003 featured interviews with local Democrats on their wide preferences for Prez during July 2007.

For local cable TV-17, this episode will debut at 9 pm on Friday, 28 December, to replay often up through Election Day (05 February), per the schedule below. For the TV replays, it is an hour-long Special that is shown in addition to the usual half-hour episodes of Off-Leash Public Affairs replaying 4x per week.

As shown by a couple of charts as cutaway images in this video, a mid December Field Poll of California voters shows that Obama is catching up quickly with Hillary Clinton as the preferred candidate among California Democrats, with a bigger boost if Edwards gets out of the race by February and his supporters likely switch to Obama. That poll also shows for the General Election in November 2008 that California Republicans are far more likely to vote for Obama than Clinton.Several photos in this video episode are courtesy of local guy Robert Bernstein, from his broader photo collection of the event. Link there to his other great photos of Santa Barbaraland happenings. Other Santa Barbarian photographers with photos in this video are listed in the outtro of this episode.

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Replay Schedule on TV-17
(Also see the SB Channels TV-17 schedule and search on "Obama"...)
Sunday, 03 February, 2100 hrs. (9 pm, shortly after the usual OLPA episode at 8 pm!!)
Saturday, 02 February, 2000 hrs. (8 pm)
Thursday, 31 January, 1400 hrs. (2 pm)
Tuesday, 29 January, 1200 hrs. (12 pm, although same time as the riveting replay on TV-18 of Santa Barbara City Transport & Circulation Committee meeting)
Saturday, 26 January, 1700 hrs. (5 pm)
Thursday, 24 January, 1400 hrs. (2 pm)
Sunday, 20 January, 2200 hrs. (10 pm, shortly after the usual OLPA episode at 8 pm!!)
Thursday, 17 January, 2100 hrs. (9 pm)
Thursday, 17 January, 1400 hrs. (2 pm)
Tuesday, 15 January, 0500 hrs. (5 am)
Sunday, 13 January, 2200 hrs. (10 pm, shortly after the usual OLPA episode at 8 pm!!)
Friday, 11 January, 0200 hrs. (2 am, great to see after late-night partying!!)
Thursday, 10 January, 0600 hrs. (6 am)
Monday, 07 January, 2100 hrs. (9 pm)
Sunday, 06 January, 2100 hrs. (9 pm, a half-hour after the usual OLPA episode at 8 pm!!)
Friday, 04 January, 1900 hrs. (7 pm)
Friday, 04 January, 1100 hrs. (11 am)
Tuesday, 01 January, 0300 hrs. (3 am, perfect to watch immediately after those New Years Eve parties!!)
Monday, 31 December, 0800 hrs. (8 am)
Sunday, 30 December, 2100 hrs. (9 pm, after the usual OLPA episode at 8 pm!!)
Friday, 28 December, 2100 hrs. (9 pm)

31 October 2007

Episode 011... Steelhead Festival 2007

As something completely different from the past 4 OLPA episodes about the Santa Barbara City election, this one features the Second Annual Santa Barbara Steelhead Festival and a few bonus items about the latest status of endangered Steelhead Trout recovery planning and a visit from one of their salmon sisters.

The Festival is organized by Community Environmental Council (CEC) and was held 20th May 2007 at Stearns Wharf. A central event of the Festival was the 8 Steelhead Trout sculptures painted and adorned and displayed for a couple of months along State Street in downtown Santa Barbara. The Unveiling Party to debut these 6-foot fish sculptures happened the prior, perfect spring night.

Steelhead Recovery Plan Outline. To project forward in the southern California Steelhead universe, the first interview in this OLPA episode is with Craig Fusaro, who describes the Steelhead Recovery Plan Outline, which was recently released by National Marine Fisheries Service as a major step towards defining how many Steelhead and where are necessary so this fish legally can be considered recovered from the brink of extinct. Fusaro is a member of the Technical Recovery Team of scientists working on the scientific basis of the southern California Steelhead Recovery Plan Outline ( Santa Barbara Independent wrote about the recovery planning for the newspaper issue of 29Nov.2007.

During her interview, Suzanne Feldman describes details of the Festival and its prospects for a third one next year. Feldman is CEC Watershed Program Associate and principal organizer of the Steelhead Festival.

This episode includes an cameo appearances by Iya Falcone, Mike Marzolla, and Ed Robinson, in addition to the throngs of Beautiful People at the Unveiling Party on the wharf.

photo by Suzanne Feldman of Vision Quest

Artists in this video describing their fish sculptures include (in this order): Rebecca Stebbins, Rick Tontz, Tara Fadenrecht, Barbara McIntyre, Susan LeVine, and Michael Irwin.

Towards the end of this video, Fin the Chinook Salmon and her human driver Jeremy Nickel went shopping at Paseo Nuevo on 12 July 2007, while telling all about their public outreach for Columbia River salmon habitat improvements.

As a bonus not included in the TV replay version of this OLPA episode, the video at this website posting (below) includes an extra 20 minutes showing Steelhead trout in Mission Creek, recorded in May 2006 in downtown Santa Barbara.

This episode made its TV-17 debut on 10Nov.2007 and it ended on 02Dec.2007. It enjoyed a few extra replays during the Thanksgiving holiday week and following the time-consuming agony and ecstasy of the City election earlier in the month.

Production Notes. This episode was the first solo video production by David Pritchett, who learned video editing mainly by watching Cathy Murillo while she edited the past 10 OLPA episodes. Except for Fusaro recording him for the opening introduction, Pritchett recorded all the video in this episode. The video from the Steelhead Unveiling Party was recorded with a still camera (Panasonic FZ-20) having a secondary function for low-res video recording, and it shows. Special bonus included with slightly out-of-sync audio in one clip. Longer clips of this video from the Unveiling Party were posted at Google Video shortly after the event.

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02 October 2007

Episode 007... U Plan SB: Santa Barbara as the Hinge of History

This second installment in the U Plan SB saga applies to the Santa Barbara City General Plan Update, now occurring with a series of public meetings and staff reports and associated studies. Considering where Santa Barbara has been can help with good decisions about where Santa Barbara should go in its General Plan Update, called Plan Santa Barbara. The first OLPA episode was about some of these public meetings, and so will be future episodes.

Accordingly, this OLPA episode features a lecture by Harvey Molotch entitled Santa Barbara as the Hinge of History. The lecture was the main event at the annual meeting of SBCAN (Santa Barbara County Action Network), held 18 July 2007 at Karpeles Manuscript Museum in downtown Santa Barbara. In 2 of her Looking Forward commentary columns in Santa Maria Times, SBCAN Executive Director Deborah Brasket wrote about this meeting and its applicability to what can be learned for Santa Maria.

Molotch is Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis at New York University, but for 35 years between 1968 and 2003 he was Professor of Sociology at UCSB, when he was quite active in local Santa Barbara planning affairs, as he describes in his remarks.

The TV-17 cablecast started Monday, 08 October, and ended its 8 replays on Sunday, 21 October, pending any schedule adjustments for the 2 Special hour-long OLPA episodes in October about the upcoming Santa Barbara City Council election, entitled Chewing on the Candidates.

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05 September 2007

Episode 005... Plaza del PUEBLO

This OLPA episode profiles PUEBLO, a grassrootsy "non-profit economic and environmental justice organization dedicated to building the political power and leadership of low-income residents throughout Santa Barbara County".

An obvious acronym, PUEBLO means People United for Economic justice Building Leadership through Organizing.

Cathy Murillo interviews Vibiana Saavedra about the need for transit programs and political reform in Santa Maria (courtesy photo).

OLPA met up with PUEBLO staff, Directors, members, and supporters during their annual benefit event held at Rockwood Woman's Center on Sunday, 08 July 2007. Modeled closely after the Bread and Roses annual event by The Fund for Santa Barbara, this Plaza del PUEBLO event featured a silent auction of donated goodies, a sumptuous supper, fiery speeches, and hot salsa dancers, all announced by the Moustache of Ceremonies, John "The Palm" Palminteri.

OLPA Co-Producer Cathy Murillo interviewed 7 PUEBLOan women about their organization and its activities:
  1. Esther Aguilera, PUEBLO Board Chair, spoke about their organization model and membership recruitment.
  2. Vibiana Saavedra outlined public transit needs in Santa Maria and the tremendous potential for political reform there.
  3. Miriam Aliarez-Pintnor from the PUEBLO Youth Council described local schools and needs for computers and equity among all students.
  4. Hazel Putney, also from Youth Council, highlighted youth programs and her recent experience with the Community Leadership Institute operated by Just Communities.
  5. Zoila Cabrera discussed needs of local working families and youth.
  6. Marisela Marquez, Board Chair for La Casa de la Raza and staff Director for UCSB Associated Students, described coalation building to achieve successful community partnerships.
  7. Karena Jew talked about inspirations for political involvement and enthusiasm for voting by naturalized immigrants.

Happy Plaza del PUEBLO participants included Doreen Farr, the next Third District County Supervisor; Janet Wolf, the current Second District Supervisor; and Deborah Brasket, Executive Director for SBCAN, Santa Barbara County Action Network (courtesy photo).

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Schedule Notes. This event happened on 08 July 2007. The video debuted on SB Channels (cable TV-17) on 03 September 2007, for 8 replays during a 2-week period ending on 16 September. The schedule of showings is atop this website.
Production Notes. The recording ("burning") of the original DVD rendered a technical error where the closing graphic image stepped over the OLPA outtro credits and supplanted that audio.

18 August 2007

Episode 004... Independence Day 2007

As an alternative to the usual Independence Day events of parades, concerts, and fireworks, this episode of the show covers local Democrats talking about their favorite Presidential candidates, the Eyes Wide Open display by Veterans for Peace, and a memorial to Virginia Delgadillo Wootan.

This 4th OLPA episode debuted on Saturday, 18 Aug. 2007, on cable TV-17 (Santa Barbara Channels, community-access TV). That date followed a scheduling hiccup that allowed the prior OLPA episode (Scrubs for SiCKO) a couple of extra showings earlier in the week.

Synopsis. This episode covers 2 events held on Independence Day 2007, plus a short memorial tribute at the end of the video for Virginia Delgadillo Wootan, the recently deceased mother of OLPA Co-Producer Cathy Murillo. The first Independence Day event was recorded during the annual barbecue sponsored by the local Democratic Service Club, a partisan but equal-opportunity group that supports the full spectrum of Democratic party and club activities in the Santa Barbara area. Local Dems were interviewed about their current preferences for the Presidential nomination, including interviews with Barbie Deutsch, Peggy Jo Love House, ej Borah, Ron Perry, and others, each with a different preference for President.

Later that afternoon, Cathy and David visited the Eyes Wide Open display to honor the nearly 300 California fatalities in the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sponsored by Veterans for Peace and American Friends Service Committee, that event was held on the pubic-access lawn along Cabrillo Bl. in front of DoubleTree hotel. That display also was covered by Santa Barbara Daily Sound.

Production Notes. Fun with additional types of video transitions in Final Cut Pro was a new learning exercise in the editing for this episode. Look for dissolves, wipes, irises, ripples, and other effects that transition from image to image instead of a hard edit break. Also, the interviews of the Democrats featured severe exposure compensation so the subject was not underexposed from the bright sunlight in the background.

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24 July 2007

Episode 003... Scrubs for SiCKO

This third episode of Off-Leash Public Affairs (OLPA) debuted Monday, 30 July 2007, on cable TV channel 17. The episode covers a demonstration held on Friday, 29 June 2007, to raise awareness about the health care insurance crisis in California. The demonstration was part of a coordinated effort throughout California that was scheduled to coincide with the premiere date of SiCKO, the latest film by Michael Moore.

Held during the early evening in front of the famed Arlington Theater in downtown Santa Barbara, the demonstration was organized primarily by
the Santa Barbara chapter of Health Care for All, as part of its statewide issues campaign called One Care Now. This campaign is boosting public and political support for California Senate Bill 840, sponsored by State Senator Sheila Kuehl.

The demonstration featured clever signs and street theater about the plight of people with no or insufficient health care insurance. This OLPA video includes remarks by the demonstrators and people buying tickets for the SiCKO documentary film, called a "reality show" by one of the theatergoers in this video. A crisis of reality indeed, the theatric trailer for SiCKO is embedded within this OLPA video, along with an excerpt of the OneCareNow video that describes SB 840.

Some critics of Michael Moore refer to his films as SHOCK-UMENTARIES, as if that is such a bad thing "to shock and possibly anger the audience" for raising awareness and enacting social change.

The health care demonstration held on the sidewalk in front of Arlington Theater occurred only 31 days prior to the TV debut of this OLPA episode, a fast turn-around time for the OLPA production schedule, essentially bumping everything else in queue for the video recording and producing schedule. We are glad to feature this topic on an expedited schedule while SB 840 still is under deliberation in the State legislature and facing an expected veto by Governor Schwarzenegger, the self-declared Man of the People. Apparently, by "of the People" Arnold only meant the rapidly shrinking number of people who have adequate health care insurance that will never fail them for coverage.

A large rally to mark the end of 365 consecutive days of events that support SB 840 and health care reform is planned for Saturday, 11 August, at Los Angeles City Hall. OLPA will be there to cover this event and interview people from Santa Barbara who participate,
including Peter Conn and Paulina Conn, the local leaders with Health Care for All.

Health Care Reform march down State Street, 07June2007.
Photo by Paul Wellman for Santa Barbara Independent

Our title Scrubs for SiCKO for this OLPA episode refers to the name of the statewide outreach campaign organized by California Nurses Association. The CNA events were large and prominent elsewhere, but for this event in Santa Barbara only one nurse was there in her commemorative scrubs garb, along with many other medical colleagues in traditional scrubs who were interviewed for the video.

As Peter Conn notes in his concluding interview, local news coverage was disappointingly skimpy for this event held that beautiful summer evening. However, KCSB covered the event well with an
audio news story by Harry Lawton, a retired UCSB professor who deftly melds news reporting, political analyzing, and film reviewing all in one 8-minute story.

Watch the Video of this show!!
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As a technical note, this video includes too much time (15 seconds) for the still image at the beginning before the intro, intended as a solution to accommodate a glitch that no longer applies because the clunky video playback system has been replaced at Santa Barbara Channels TV. The end of the video includes 8 minutes of blank black space because the DVD recorder stopped too late.

15 July 2007

Episode 002... Douglas Family Preserve: People, Dogs, Birds, and Bees

This second OLPA episode debuted on Monday, 16 July 2007, and showed for 2 weeks on Santa Barbara Channels, cable TV-17, under the schedule atop this website.


This episode features Douglas Family Preserve (DFP), a 70-acre open-space "wild" park owned and managed by City of Santa Barbara. The timeliness of this episode showing during the last half of July 2007 coincides with an art exhibit and fundraiser by SCAPE, Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment, to be held 28-29 July at La Arcada Court, the breezy paseo-arcade space between the downtown Library and Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Called City Parks: Domestic & Wild, proceeds from this exhibit will benefit Friends of Douglas Family Preserve and PARC Foundation.

The video features interviews with representatives of these organizations, including a discussion with Nancy Rapp about development and funding of the Management Plan for this parkland.
  • Rosalind Amorteguy, Board President of PARC Foundation
  • Jean Schuyler, PARC Board member
  • Susan Belloni, Friend of DFP and SCAPE member and painter
  • Nancy Rapp, Director of Santa Barbara City Parks and Recreation Dept.
Editorial Notes

Often known as the Wilcox Property because of the prior property owners before the site became public land, the DFP Management Plan, completed in 2004, was one of the most lively and contentious public planning processes in the recent history of Santa Barbara. Dogs --either on- or off-leash-- dominated the public debate and environmental review, but other issues of invasive exotic plants, trail placement and access, and blufftop erosion also are substantial elements of the Plan; however, so far the City has not advanced too fast on implementing those provisions of the Plan, mainly because of a lack of funding. That is discussed in the interview by David with Nancy Rapp.

While this OLPA episode seems heavy on friendly promotion for the SCAPE art exhibit, opening reception, and art sale (for a non-profit organization, of course), this subject for a video production at this time coincided nicely with our long-standing goal for highlighting DFP and the SCAPE and PARC Foundation efforts.

A future OLPA episode will feature the Community Planting Day held in January 2006, when a demonstration plot of native plants was installed by volunteer ecological restorationists. Nearly 1.5 years later, a field interview with Brad Taggart (a leader of Friends of Douglas Family Preserve) will be included in that episode to see how the native plantings have grown after 2 seasons.

Production Notes

The video was recorded 23 June 2007, on location at DFP. Lighting was soft, thanks to the ubiquitous fog most summer mornings, but the ocean horizon was all gray. During the beginning of the show, the hemispheric mapping video that zoomed in to DFP was from the free software application Google Earth, where "Douglas Preserve" already is entered into the database of places. Future OLPA episodes with a place-based theme will feature more of such video geographic orientations, such as the episode in production, Take Back The Park XX, about the little-known public park-like space in front of Fess Parker DoubleTree Resort on Cabrillo Bl.

Video editing skills advanced in complexity for this second episode of the show, this time including cut-away still photos and video clips that were introduced over the main video timeline. Aligning the boundaries of these cut-away images had a few foibles where the top and bottom edges sometimes extended too far, but that is all part of the editing learning curve, which is flattening fast with the fine work by Cathy.

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30 June 2007

Episode 001... U Plan SB: A New Hope

This first episode of Off-Leash Public Affairs debuted on Monday, 02 July 2007 !!
UPDATE: This episode also was an encore replay starting Saturday, 22 Dec. 2007, as background to the Santa Barbara City Planning Commission meeting about the status of the Plan Santa Barbara (General Plan Update), meeting held 03 January 2008. Full video below or link above as the title. The replay started 22Dec.2007 and ended 07Jan.2008
MORE: A second video about other of these community input meetings also will be forthcoming in early 2008 as a future episode entitled U Plan SB: the Listening Tour.


This OLPA debut episode is about the Santa Barbara City General Plan Update. Called Plan Santa Barbara, the public outreach and review process should be completed during nearly a year of various public meetings, with a final General Plan Update to be adopted by the City Council by 2009 (more or less, probably more). Expect more episodes on this topic as the public review process continues.

This OLPA episode highlights the second in a series of 4 public workshop meetings, where all City residents are encouraged to state their vision and suggestions on how Santa Barbara can be a better place to live, work, play, etc. The meeting featured in this video was held on 16 June 2007 at La Casa de la Raza, a community facility in the City's Eastside neighborhood. Approximately 50 people were present, including City staff and consultants, along with Mayor Marty Blum and City Councilmember Helene Schneider.

Editorial Notes

The public comments and remarks in this video and the other 2 public workshop meetings attended reveal a deep understanding by many participants about the highly complex issues the City is facing in its land use and other planning during the upcoming decades. Many people are quite worried and feeling pain about the price of housing and myriad social challenges growing in Santa Barbara. Gangs and conspicuous homelessness were mentioned frequently.

An understanding about global climate change and sea level rise also is steadily becoming a concern of people of all stripes, who wonder about how the City will adjust and how by much. Those topics and more will be explored in future OLPA episodes in the U Plan SB saga.

Production Notes

The video recording was by David (as usual), who had not run the camera for several months prior. Accordingly, the audio was a bit inconsistent and often was overblown as too loud until the manual adjustment with the left finger on the camera became more proficient after a few minutes of recording. Fortunately, in the post-production editing Cathy was able to boost or diminish the audio where needed.

Editing this was the first time Cathy had produced a full video using Apple Final Cut Pro video editing application. Skills are growing, and for this episode the graphic inserts of names and labels etc., called lower thirds (even though really a fifth), were inserted for the first time on a video timeline. Naturally, the colours are the blue and gold motif that is most soothing and trustworthy.

City planning staffer Beatriz Ramirez was leading the Spanish-speaking small group discussion depicted in this video, and she should have been identified by name in the lower third label.

OLPA episode 002... Douglas Family Preserve: People, Dogs, Birds, and Bees will debut on cable channel 17 on Monday, 16 July 2007, per the schedule atop this blog.

Full video above for this OLPA episode
U Plan SB: A New Hope.
Following the outtro and closing credits, this video also includes 5 bonus video segments that could not fit into the TV show time, 28:30 minutes.
For a FULL SCREEN option, link on the Google label and also be sure to select arrow icon there for the Smooth Video option.

19 June 2007

OLPA debuts July 2007... Future OLPA episodes

Just a wee bit later than first anticipated, OLPA will debut in July 2007 on SBChannels, cable TV 17. The schedule will be posted here, and eventually the whole video via Google-Video.

The second OLPA episode will be about Friends of Douglas Family Preserve (a City park) and an associated artistic fundraiser event by SCAPE to occur 28-29 July 2007.

UPDATE, 14 July 2007
OLPA show schedule and future episodes
Each episode will show 6 to 8 times during a 2-week period starting on these debut dates.

16 July... Douglas Family Preserve: People, Dogs, Birds, and Bees
30 July... Scrubs for SiCKO
13 August... Independence Day 2007
27 August... U Plan SB: The Listening Tour (possible date for debut, but may change)

Other future OLPA episodes and working titles (dates uncertain), most with video already recorded (this all is about 40 separate episodes and more than 1.5 YEARS of shows if a new episode debuts every 2 weeks!!):
  • Plaza del Pueblo 2007
  • 5 Questions for 3 City Council Candidates
  • Even-Year Elections Are Better Than Odd-Year Elections
  • Santa Barbara Steelhead Festival 2007
  • Take Back The Park XX
  • Douglas Family Preserve: Community Planting Day 2006
  • U Plan SB: The Public Strikes Back
  • U Plan SB: Return of the City
  • Santa Barbara ChannelKeepers
  • Santa Barbara as the Hinge of History, by Harvey Molotch
  • SBCAN Oscars Party 2007
  • Marching for Peace in March 2007
  • Plan to End Homelessness
  • Shape of Voice
  • Ormond Beach Wetlands Restoration Project
  • Halaco Hell
  • Citizens Planning Sand Sculptures
  • Citizens Planning and Talking about Housing
  • Mission Creek Fish Passage (multiple episodes)
  • Veterans Clinic Moves
  • May Day March(es) for Immigrants
  • News-Press-Mess (multiple episodes)
  • Veronica Meadows Mess, the Arroyo Burro Blues
  • Mosquito and Vector Management District: What's That?
  • Tour de California 2006
  • Santa Barbara Steelhead Festival 2006
  • E-Cycling, or E-Waste Exporting
  • California Ocean Protection Council
  • Mission County Meltdown
  • Santa Barbara 93111
  • Measure D-2008
  • CAUSE vs. BSA: Bigotry is not in the Scout Law
  • Social Justice of Streetsweeping

Potential subjects for additional OLPA episodes are listed below under a subject posting from January 2006.