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21 May 2008

Episode 022... Doreen Farr for County Supervisor

UPDATE: Doreen Farr takes first place by 10% spread!!
Election results link here.
Another Important Election is Happening on June 3rd!!
_____The second of three elections this year will be held June 3rd. FIVE, yes 5, candidates are running for the Third District Supervisor of Santa Barbara County. In the likely event no candidate attains more than 50% of the votes, the top 2 vote recipients will fight it out during the November runoff election, on the same ballot where Obama beats McCain for USA President.
_____As we OLPA Co-Producers like her the best by farr, this video episode highlights Supervisorial candidate Doreen Farr, a resident of Santa Ynez with decades of experience also residing and working in Goleta, as described well at her campaign website.
_____This video features the remarks by Doreen Farr during a candidates forum held 30th April at Goleta Valley Community Center and sponsored by League of Women Voters (LWV) and Citizens Planning Foundation. This video also features an interview with insightful and frank-talking Goleta political watcher and Vector Management District Trustee John Olson. The absolute end of the video includes an outtake homage to a Santa Barbara City political watcher and productive gadfly.
_____Responding to the questions from the moderator and the audience, Doreen speaks about State housing mandates, regional transportation, County budget and fiscalization of land use, Gaviota Coast protection, and the record of outgoing Third District Supervisor Brooks Firestone.
_____Other community-access videos were produced from this forum. LWV hired our pal Larry Nimmer again this election cycle to produce his famous Touring With the Candidates videos, and Lar also produced a straight documentary of the entire candidates forum. Both of these productions can be found by searching on "touring" or "forum"at the Santa Barbara Channels, TV-17 schedule up through election day. KCSB radio also recorded and broad- and web-cast it twice.
Schedule Note: Starting 24th May, this episode replayed on TV-17 10 times until 08th June, per the usual schedule noted above, except that it was an hour later on 28th May.
Watch the Video of this show!! (28 minutes including the outtake content at the end) For an alternative video host via Google Video, select the Episode title atop this post.