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19 February 2009

Episode 035... Citizen McCaw World Premiere

"What Happened to the Public Trust?"

_To complement the film Citizen McCaw showing on SB Channels TV-21 starting 01 March 2009 (as CraigSmithsBlog reported), Off-Leash Public Affairs is please to be showing our own related production often scheduled for replay on TV-17 just before or after Citizen McCaw replays on TV-21.
_This OLPA episode, Citizen McCaw World Premiere, features interviews about the News-Press-Mess from the crowds ready to see the premiere of Citizen McCaw when that local documentary debuted 07 March 2008 at Arlington Theater and 05 April 2008 at Marjorie Luke Theatre in Santa Barbara.
_To about 15 different interview subjects, OLPA co-Producer David Pritchett asked:
1. What do you think of The Mess?
2. Where do you get your local news?
3. If you could ask the News-Press publisher any question, what would it be?

_The various responses were compelling, insightful, and/or amusing. Edhat was a popular and enthusiastic response as the source of local news, while others like Santa Barbara Daily Sound often were mentioned even though its readers often could not recall its name. That was in March 2008, though.
_People interviewed for this video include: Rod Lathim (Citizen McCaw co-Producer and local community arts magnate), Sara Miller McCune (who reminded assertive OLPA co-Producer Cathy Murillo that a newspaper buyer first needs a willing seller), Al Bonowitz, Josh Molina, Roy Regester, Starshine Roshell, Brian Barnwell, Sander Vanocur, Ann Moore, the unknown comic's brother, the emphatic Shirley, and quite a few others who spoke eloquently but did not state their name or whose name (more likely) was lost in editing.
_ OLPA episode 014 also covered an earlier chapter in the News-Press-Mess when the Teamsters Union prevailed in Federal court, twice. Encore replays of that video from January 2008 also is showing on TV-17 in March 2009, to pile on our Citizen News-Mess Fest.

Watch the Video of this show!!
45:00 minutes, including bonus content (not in the TV 28:30 version) of journalism tutorials from the Citizen McCaw website and the full interview with Rod Lathim)
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07 February 2009

Episode 034... Nicholas Cavalier: a Story of Hope

In Conversation with Nick's Mother, Faith Magdalena
As the KEYT news story led:
Nick Cavalier, 21, of Santa Barbara seemed to have everything he needed for his young life, plenty of friends, good parents, and a job at the beach. But all of that changed in an instant during a fight on Chapala Street in Santa Barbara six months ago. Cavalier sustained serious brain injuries that night when he tried to break-up a fight between his friend and group of young men.
_This episode of Off-Leash Public Affairs features an interview by OLPA co-Producer Cathy Murillo with Faith Magdalena, determined mother of Nick Cavalier. They discuss what Nick is going through and her hopes for her son.
_This video was recorded 11 Jan. 2009 by co-Producer David Pritchett, on the creaky side deck of Magdalena's home in the Mesa Alta West neighborhood of Santa Barbara.
_Another casualty of the American Health Care Crisis, Nick Cavalier needs some long and expensive specialty therapy. On 05 Feb., his old and new friends held a fundraiser event, with a Facebook page. A fund for contributions under his name has been set up by Santa Barbara Bank and Trust (PO Box 60839, Santa Barbara 93160-0839).
_SB Daily Sound reported on his plight, in addition to opinion essays by Paul Rivas at his Goleta blog and an Independent Voice by Faith Magdalena, which includes some highly lively and illuminating comments there.
UPDATE (10Feb.2009) by Faith Magdalena: "The fundraiser was a great success. So much love and support! We will be planning another one at Deano's hopefully and then a homecoming BBQ at Ledbetter Beach. Nicholas will be entering Sylmar Health and Rehab Center [in Santa Clarita] instead of CNS in Bakersfield. I am very happy with what Sylmar has to offer in that they can help him with his learning how to maneuver with the lack of sight."

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