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11 January 2009

Episode 033... Fiddlers' Convention by Rotary Club, Santa Barbara Sunrise

Service above Self
Rotary Club Sunrise grants funds to local non-profit organizations and puts on a great Fiddlers' Convention!
_Since 2001, Rotary Club Santa Barbara Sunrise has put on the annual Old-Time Fiddlers Convention and Festival, held in recent years at Stow House park in Goleta the Good Land. The event is a fundraiser for the separate Foundation for this local Rotary Club, which raises about $10 thousand per year for several small grants to local non-profit organizations doing good work in the Santa Barbara community. They also support international projects, as also shown in this video.
_In this video, between scenes of musical acts and jam sessions during the 37th annual Fiddler's Convention, Off-Leash Public Affairs (OLPA) co-Producer David Pritchett interviews Rotarians Bill Boyd, Dennis Johns, and Gary Jensen, who describe their fun Club and some community grant projects, including the picnic area at lower Elings Park.
_David Pritchett interviewed other grantees, including Joan Esposito and Les Esposito of Dyslexia Awareness & Resource Center; Sara Templeton and high-achiever Girl Scout Sara(h) __ of Girl Scouts of California Central Coast; and Christine Bowman of St. Vincent's, who described their services to local mothers and children.
_Fiddle purveyor Steve Joynes also informs about the brain-building value of school music education and the beer-worthiness of fiddles versus violins. The family of Okie Adams also is honored on the stage for his lifetime of contributions to old-timey music and banjo-making.
_In addition to various pick-up jam sessions shown close up, this video also feature a solo of Danny Boy; Old Time Fiddler Band from Meiners Oaks (Ojai); and homeboys Tom Murray and Rod Rolle of Stiff Pickle Orchestra, who play out the show through the end titles. The lead sponsor for the Fiddler's Convention this year was Duncan-Turner Acoustic Research of Goleta.
_As a companion video, a Short-Leash Subject also was produced and posted at YouTube. This 10:30 minute video features the long version of the interview with the 3 Sunrise Rotarians and some additional Fiddlers' Convention music jams not included in the full-length OLPA video episode.

Watch the Video of this show!!
34:15 minutes (including bonus content of stage remarks from the Okie Adams family and extra music jams).
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