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David and Cathy (especially her) have been a bit busy since 2011 with the ultimate in local public affairs....

19 December 2008

Episode 032... Conversation with Helene Schneider

Helene Schneider Talks City
In the OLPA bamboo studio, Off-Leash Public Affairs co-Producer Cathy Murillo interviews Santa Barbara City Councilmember Helene Schneider regarding current issues in the City, including responses to Tea Fire Incident, Police Department funding and facilities, 10-year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness, upcoming dueling ballot measures about a limitation to downtown building heights, De la Vina Street free right turn, midnight releases from County jail, Casa Esperanza and aggressive begging, Veronica Meadows del Burro, UCSB basketball, Bohnett Park new kids area, winter weather, and other stuff.
_Shortly after this video was recorded (03 Dec. 2008) by OLPA co-Producer David Pritchett, Schneider softly announced that she is a candidate for Mayor of Santa Barbara. (See KEYT news videos.) Her new election committee was noted as the funding source on the reverse side of a December holiday greetings card mailed out to 1000+ Santa Barbara locals. With that as a tip, KEYT-TV3 news made a story of it and proclaimed that KEYT was the first to announce that Schneider was a candidate for Mayor in the November 2009 election.
_Off-Leash Public Affairs is eager and willing to interview ALL candidates for Santa Barbara Mayor!! Just contact us.

Watch the Video of this show!!
28:30 minutes (with some extra blank space at end).
For the video hosted by The Google, select the Episode title atop this post.
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29 November 2008

Episode 031... Tea Fire Citizen Videography

Community rises to overcome wildfire disaster
The Tea Fire ignited the early evening of Thursday, 13th Nov. 2008.
_ This episode of Off-Leash Public Affairs (OLPA) features 15 amateur and semi-pro short videos (of nearly 100 published) that document the first few hours of the Tea Fire Incident and its near-term aftermath. Some of these featured 15 short videos are edited quite well and all were posted at YouTube within a few days or hours following the peak of the fire incident. The video producer or YouTube user name is indicated for each.
_ Although an earlier report put the total at 231 homes, as cited in this video, this wildfire destroyed 230 homes in the foothills of northeast Santa Barbara and northwest Montecito, and more than 5000 people evacuated during the most active phase of the fire that Thursday night.
_ In this video, OLPA co-Producer David Pritchett also includes excerpts from the multi-agency news conference held at Santa Barbara City Hall Friday afternoon, 22 hours after the wildfire ignition. By then, the wildfire had not expanded much because the winds stayed calm, and officials were cautiously optimistic that fire containment would be soon.
_ Approximately 70 people participated in that Friday news conference. County Supervisors Salud Carbajal and Janet Wolf noted then how the community rose to the occasion with aid to Tea Fire evacuees, firefighters, and support staff. Janet Wolf concludes the video with remarks about her personal experience when her home and 426 others burned during the Paint Fire in 1990.

Watch the Video of this show!!
28:30 minutes. For the video hosted by The Google, select the Episode title atop this post.
TV-17 Replay Schedule
11/29/2008 10:00 AM Saturday
11/30/2008 08:00 PM Sunday
12/04/2008 08:00 AM Thursday
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12/13/2008 10:00 AM Saturday
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03:00 PM Monday

11 November 2008

Episode 030... Will the New President Restore Our Liberties?

Change We Can Believe In?
Let's hope so.

__Remember the War on Iraq? With more than 4200 American military deaths so far, the war is still raging despite nationwide attention focused on the economic implosion. Remember how civil libe rties have eroded under the guise of national security that stretches or breaks even the new laws, including the USA PATRIOT Act? Those hasty laws still exist, but leadership from a new President could update them, or at least direct Federal officials to comply with the actual law about privacy for American citizens.
__This video was edited shortly before the election of Barack Obama, so it maintains a somewhat fake uncertainty about who will be the new American President. Recorded during the annual Santa Barbara Spirit of '76 Parade on Independence Day 2008, Bob Potter of Veterans for Peace and Ron St. John of American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) remind us about the Iraq War and how the U.S. Government seems to be violating its own Constitution. These patriots are interviewed under the backdrop of the parade happenings.
__Playing often on TV-17 on the Santa Barbara Channels GreenScreen show of video shorts playing weekdays in the 6 pm hour, a 9-minute Short-Leash Subject from the parade also was produced, sans interviews and only featuring some music, WWII U.S. Army re-enactors, and a few climate-changing noisy cars.
__As a reminder of Our Liberties, this OLPA episode concludes with low-res video from the March 2007 Peace March held in downtown Santa Barbara to commemorate the 4th Anniversary of the start of Iraq War. Several additional short video files from that Peace March up State Street were recorded by OLPA Producer David Pritchett.

Watch the Video of this show!!
36 minutes. Includes bonus content (not in the TV replay version) of the ABC news story about illegal Government telephone surveillance of American military personnel, plus more video from the March 2007 Peace March in Santa Barbara. For the video hosted by The Google, select the Episode title atop this post.
TV-17 Replay Schedule
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10 October 2008

Episode 029... YES WE CAN Change Goleta Politics

Goleta Poised for Greatness after Nov. 2008 Election
With a nod to Goleta as neighbor to Santa Barbara, this episode of Off-Leash Public Affairs (OLPA) features the candidates for Goleta City Council, Third District County Supervisor, and Goleta Water Board. If elected Nov. 2008, they will be the Change We Can Believe In for The Good Land.
_ A politically progressive majority can be attained if Ed Easton and Margaret Connell were elected to Goleta City Council, if Bill Rosen and Lauren Hanson were elected to Goleta Water Board, if Doreen Farr were elected to County Board of Supervisors, and if Hannah-Beth Jackson were elected California State Senate (to attain a two-thirds Democratic majority to be able to pass a different kind of State budget and to overturn Gubernatorial vetoes of bills).
_ Recorded at the annual Democrats Labor Day celebration event held 01 Sept. 2008 at Oak Park in Santa Barbara, this OLPA episode features remarks by Santa Barbara County Democratic Party Chair Daraka Larimore-Hall, California State Controller John Chiang, Goleta City Council candidates Ed Easton and Margaret Connell, Goleta Water Board candidates Lauren Hanson and (remarks one step removed) Bill Rosen, Third District County Supervisor candidate Doreen Farr, State Senate candidate Hannah-Beth Jackson, State Assemblymember and re-election candidate Pedro Nava, and U.S. Congressional Member and re-election candidate Lois Capps, all describing the issues and why they would be the best legislative Decider if elected.
_ OLPA co-Producer Cathy Murillo recorded the video and conducted the interviews, with most editing by co-Producer David Pritchett, along with a snazzy "GreenScreen" introduction featuring some fantastic photos by MisterGoleta (aka Matthew E. Cohen).
_ Bonus Content: The last 10:30 minutes of this video is the Short-Leash Subject Proposition 4: What Part of NO Don't They Understand? Also on the Nov. 2008 ballot in Goleta and all of California, this issue about reproductive choice and safety for teenage girls was recorded from a rally held at Santa Barbara County Courthouse on 05 Sept. 2008. Speakers include Mark Asman (Trinity Episcopal Church), Linda Phillips (League of Women Voters), Joel Rodriguez-Flores (Community Organizer for PUEBLO and SEIU), Mary O'Gorman (SB Women's Political Committee) and Helene Schneider (Santa Barbara City Councilmember).

Watch the Video of this show!!
58:30 minutes. For the video hosted by Google, select the Episode title atop this post.

TV-17 Replay Schedule (irregular times)
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15 September 2008

Episode 028... Democrats FIRED UP for Change

FIRED UP and Ready To Go!!
Democratic Party stalwarts of Santa Barbara rallied during the re-election campaign kick-off event for Congressional Representative Lois Capps, held 06Sep.2006 at Capps Campaign Headquarters, 1920 De la Vina Street in downtown Santa Barbara.
__Politico speakers included (1) County Supervisor Salud Carbajal pitching for Measure A-2008 on the November County ballot, (2) plus a separate interview about MTD and Measure A with Santa Barbara City Councilmember Helene Schneider, (3) State Assemblymember Pedro Nava describing the State Budget tardiness woes, (4) and former Assemblymember and State Senate candidate Hannah-Beth Jackson urging all to vote their pockets by supporting Barack Obama for President. The video concludes with (5) Naomi Schwartz introducing (6) Lois Capps who speaks about her vision for the nation when Obama gets elected.
__Fresh from the Democratic National Convention as a delegate, (7) local Obama campaign leader Tim Allison also spoke and went to bat for Barack while (8) his 5.75-year-old son TJ Allison led the cheers for the crowd of about 150. Jerry Roberts wrote up a report of the event in his Capital Letters report at Independent website.

Watch the Video of this show!!
28:30 minutes.
For the video hosted by Vimeo, select the Episode title atop this post.
TV-17 Replay Schedule
10/07/2008 Tue.
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10/01/2008 Wednesday 11:00 PM
10/04/2008 Saturday 10:00 AM
10/05/2008 Sunday 06:00 AM

29 August 2008

Episode 027... Let Santa Barbara Ring

Marriage for All
__Affirming the right of same-gender couples to marry under the law, the California Supreme Court eliminated this vestige of discrimination by its ruling on 15th May 2008. The Court ruling overturned a ballot initiative 8 years earlier (Proposition 22-2000) that attempted to ingrain discrimination into the California Constitution.
__In this video, the people of Santa Barbara celebrate this Supreme Court ruling with a spontaneous rally held the same day and at the County Courthouse. Overshadowing the joyous mood, though, was yet another State ballot initiative (Proposition 8-2008 during the November election) that, again, intends to mess with the California Constitution by eliminating this affirmed civil right. Speakers during this rally mentioned an earlier event the prior February to commemorate the murder of Lawrence King, a high school student from Oxnard.
__When this right to marriage went in effect locally on 17th May, the video includes interviews with local clergy and covers some ceremonies held in the Santa Barbara County Courthouse tower.
__Hosted and produced by David Pritchett, this video episode of Off-Leash Public Affairs features interviews with and/or remarks by Helene Schneider, Mark Asman, Teena Grant, Hillary Blackerby, David Selberg, Jarrod Schwartz, Marty Blum, Iya Falcone, Mary O'Gorman, Salud Carbajal, Lauren Wyeth, Karen Quimby, Kim Summerfield, Sue Van Horsen, Andy Edgar-Beltran, Manny Edgar-Beltran, Melissa Mecija, Ross Beardsley, Percy Sales, Lauren Mancuso, and Ken Collier.
__As featured in the video, some organizations advocating to keep the existing legal right for same-gender couples to marry include Pacific Pride Foundation in Santa Barbara and the statewide organization Let California Ring.

Watch the Video of this show!!
45 minutes, with bonus content (in addition to the 28-minute TV-17 version) of the famous Garden Wedding video ad, a found montage of political hypocrisy about the marriage rights of Ellen DeGeneres, and the long-version outreach video by Let California Ring.
For an alternative video host
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01 August 2008

Episode 026... SB Women's Political Committee: 20 Years of Feminists Making a Difference

More Access, Voice, Power.
This episode covers the 20th Anniversary Celebration Dinner by Santa Barbara Women's Political Committee (SBWPC), held 18 March 2008 with an attendance of about 230. U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer was the keynote speaker and her full remarkes are featured in OLPA episode 019, produced shortly after the event.
This video captures the feel of the event and OLPA co-Host David Pritchett interviews various SBWPC members about the state of local feminism since the SBWPC Founding Mothers launched the organization 20 years earlier. Interviews are with SBWPC members and friends Lori Schneider, Margaret Connell, Willie Rowan, David Landecker, County Supervisor Janet Wolf, Susie Dumpis, Vijaya Jammalamadaka, Patty Monroy, Liz Camacho, SBWPC Board President Mary O'Gorman, and Lisa Guravitz. Additional speakers include County Supervisor Salud Carbajal, State Senate candidate Hannah-Beth Jackson, and Susan Rose receiving the annual Roses Award.

Watch the Video of this show!!

42 minutes, with bonus content not included in the TV-17 version and featuring the full presentation of the annual Roses Award, plus an energetic speech by State Senate Candidate Hannah-Beth Jackson, and a concluding photo collage of SBWPC members at age 20.
For an alternative video host via Vimeo, select the Episode title atop this post.
__Replay Schedule on TV-17__
Saturday, Aug./02/2008
10:00 AM
Sunday, Aug./03/2008 08:00 PM
Wed., Aug./06/2008 03:30 AM
Saturday, Aug./09/2008 10:00 AM
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Friday, Aug. 22, 0630 am

11 July 2008

Episode 025... How Santa Barbara Welcomes John McCain

Vote the Dinosaur for President!
Encore TV replays:
Saturday, 23 Aug. at 10 am
Sunday, 24 Aug., at 8 pm
Monday, 25 Aug. at 5:30 am

Republican Presidential nominee John McCain should be careful about whom he invites to speak during his own campaign events.
__Invited by the McCain campaign to be a local speaker during a panel discussion (held 24 June 2008) about a national energy policy, local land conservationist Michael Feeney seemed to grab more attention than either McCain or Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or so it seemed, considering that this was a Presidential election campaign event where usually the speakers and audience are selected to stay on message, lest the headlines become, as they did, more about the dissent instead of the political sales pitch the campaign event is intended to be.
__The event filled the house at Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, although many political watchers wondered (not really) why such a small venue was selected, having a capacity of only about 300. With school out for summer, Santa Barbara City College was highly available for a crowd of 8 thousand that worked for Barack Obama, or even a UCSB gym that could hold 1000 as it did for Hillary Clinton.
__During this campaign event-discussion, Feeney "lambasted" and "excoriated" McCain (or so wrote ABC News) about relying upon and expanding nuclear power generation to solve the national energy crisis. Feeney also cautioned that storing and transporting all that radioactive waste still remains a severe problem with no solution. McCain's answer to that --to emulate the French-- really means shipping off the radioactive waste to somewhere else regardless if the Americans there did or did not want that nuke waste, the gift that keeps giving for millennia.
__More offshore oil development and drilling also did not go over so well with the crowd of about 150 people who came to welcome McCain to Santa Barbara that Tuesday morning. John Abraham Powell of Get Oil Out (GOO) spoke about that and a rumoured choice for McCain's Veep selection. Santa Barbara City Councilmember Das Williams and local Democratic champion Barbie Deutsch also piled on about the irony of McCain promoting more offshore oil development here in Santa Barbara.
__And another crowd dis-pleaser: McCain's opposition to reproductive choice for women. Brianna Eardley of Planned Parenthood Federation described McCain's desire to appoint anti-choice Supreme Court Justices, while Santa Barbara City Councilmember Helene Schneider told of McCain's less-than-zero voting record about women's health issues.
__See the whole spectacle in this video episode of Off-Leash Public Affairs, which started the TV-17 replays on Saturday, 12 July 2008.
excerpted photo by Lauren Hanson or Mary Jones via Edhat
Watch the Video of this show!! (32 minutes, including bonus content of photo montage from the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara) For an alternative video host via Vimeo, select the Episode title atop this post.

10 June 2008

Episode 024... Take Back The Park

Carpe Parcem
Few people know or appreciate that the park-like lawn area in front of Fess Parker DoubleTree Resort (DoubleTree Hotel) actually is public open space with no restrictions on access. This site lies along Cabrillo Bl. at East Beach in Santa Barbara. The hotel cannot exclude people from passive recreation and picnicking there, as a legal condition of approval from when the hotel project was planned 1979-1981 and approved by the City and California Coastal Commission.
__This history and the joys of the public open space are explained in this video by David Stone, the Founder and Visionary of Take Back The Park, an annual event celebrated there during an afternoon each July since 1987. This video was recorded from Take Back The Park XX (held 07 July 2007), with additional content from a June 2008 interview with Dave Davis, the Santa Barbara City Planner for the hotel project at the time.
__An OLPA Short-Leash Subject (3 minutes) on this also is available at YouTube. This full OLPA episode debuted 23 June 2008, and replayed 9 times on local cable TV-17.

Watch the Video of this show!! (44 minutes, including bonus content of Park Party Animals, Rotunda ruckus, and the full interview with Dave Davis) For the video host at Vimeo, select the Episode title atop this post.

04 June 2008

Episode 023... Shane Stark Looking Forward with SBCAN

Shane Stark DOES know and he CAN say... and then he joins the Cabal.
___Tri-Tip, Public Records Requests, Planning Nuts, Philly Cheesesteak, Shame-Based Statutes, La Graciosa, Streaming Web Stuff, and the entertainment-only value of News-Press InfoTorials are all part of the hit parade of topics about local culture and politics dished by Shane Stark, the recently retired County Counsel attorney representing the Santa Barbara County government.
___Speaking to perhaps his largest off-the-job crowd since his belly-laughing remarks during the retirement party for County Supervisor Susan Rose, Shane Stark is featured dishing as only he can during the annual Looking Forward North County awards event held by SBCAN (Santa Barbara County Action Network) and its non-profit sister organization, Santa Barbara County Organization for Research and Education (SBCORE). Stark retired from 20 years in County government service on 25 January 2008.
___This episode started playing on TV-17 Monday, 09th June. The bonus video content here after 28:30 minutes includes remarks by award recipients Joan Leon, John Buttny, and Eric Cardenas, and SBCAN Directors Vibiana Saavedra and Joann Marmolejo.
photo by Paul Wellman, SB Independent
TV-17 Replay Schedule
06/09/2008, Mon.
06:30 PM
06/11/2008, Wed.
04:30 AM
06/12/2008, Thu.
11:30 AM
06/14/2008, Sat.
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06/15/2008, Sun.
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06/16/2008, Mon.
06:30 PM
06/18/2008, Wed.
05:30 AM
06/21/2008, Sat.
09:30 AM
06/22/2008, Sun.
08:00 PM

Watch the Video of this show!! (28 minutes, plus bonus content of award recipients) For an alternative video host via Google Video, select the Episode title atop this post.

21 May 2008

Episode 022... Doreen Farr for County Supervisor

UPDATE: Doreen Farr takes first place by 10% spread!!
Election results link here.
Another Important Election is Happening on June 3rd!!
_____The second of three elections this year will be held June 3rd. FIVE, yes 5, candidates are running for the Third District Supervisor of Santa Barbara County. In the likely event no candidate attains more than 50% of the votes, the top 2 vote recipients will fight it out during the November runoff election, on the same ballot where Obama beats McCain for USA President.
_____As we OLPA Co-Producers like her the best by farr, this video episode highlights Supervisorial candidate Doreen Farr, a resident of Santa Ynez with decades of experience also residing and working in Goleta, as described well at her campaign website.
_____This video features the remarks by Doreen Farr during a candidates forum held 30th April at Goleta Valley Community Center and sponsored by League of Women Voters (LWV) and Citizens Planning Foundation. This video also features an interview with insightful and frank-talking Goleta political watcher and Vector Management District Trustee John Olson. The absolute end of the video includes an outtake homage to a Santa Barbara City political watcher and productive gadfly.
_____Responding to the questions from the moderator and the audience, Doreen speaks about State housing mandates, regional transportation, County budget and fiscalization of land use, Gaviota Coast protection, and the record of outgoing Third District Supervisor Brooks Firestone.
_____Other community-access videos were produced from this forum. LWV hired our pal Larry Nimmer again this election cycle to produce his famous Touring With the Candidates videos, and Lar also produced a straight documentary of the entire candidates forum. Both of these productions can be found by searching on "touring" or "forum"at the Santa Barbara Channels, TV-17 schedule up through election day. KCSB radio also recorded and broad- and web-cast it twice.
Schedule Note: Starting 24th May, this episode replayed on TV-17 10 times until 08th June, per the usual schedule noted above, except that it was an hour later on 28th May.
Watch the Video of this show!! (28 minutes including the outtake content at the end) For an alternative video host via Google Video, select the Episode title atop this post.

04 May 2008

Episode 021... YES on Measure V for SBCC

ELECTION UPDATE: Blowout Victory at 70% YES vote!!
Another Important Election is Happening on June 3rd!!
___ Election no. 2 of 3 in 2008 is coming up on June 3rd. This episode highlights Measure V on the June 2008 ballot, to benefit Santa Barbara City College (SBCC), a public institution governed by an elected Board of Trustees as a Special District agency.
___ Measure V asks South Coast (Santa Barbara County) voters to approve a $77.2 million bond that will qualify SBCC for up to $92 million in State matching funds for 11 critical projects. As described in the extensive outreach materials, the need is for renovation of existing physical facilities --many more than 30 years old-- and upgrades throughout the campus to meet 21st Century standards for collegiate education. The only new construction project is to provide the required SBCC funding share for the new School of Media Arts facility (SoMA) to house existing high tech career programs scattered and crammed inefficiently around the campus.
___ The Measure V campaign website includes descriptions of all these projects and lists the broad-based endorsing organizations, from all over the socio-political map of Santa Barbara County. The ballot has no argument filed against Measure V, indicating a lack of any organized or credible opposition.
___ Video locations in this OLPA episode include the main SBCC campus with its many maintenance-deferred buildings, Schott Center for Adult Education, a news conference held 25 April 2008 at SBCC, a forum of the YES-on-V presentation held 16 April at a meeting of League of Women Voters of Santa Barbara (at Davis Recreation Center), and the Measure V election campaign office opener held 12 April.
___ Subjects interviewed and featured speaking in this video include SBCC President John Romo, SBCC Board of Trustees Chair Desmond O'Neill, SB Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Board Treasurer Luis Villegas, County Supervisor Janet Wolf, League of Women Voters (LWV) local Board President Linda Phillips, SB County Democratic Party Secretary Hillary Blackerby, SB County Republican Party Committeemember Scott Burns, former SB City Councilmember Dan Secord, and current City Councilmember Grant House. (Apologies for mis-spelling the Villegas name in the video text.)
___ A lengthy radio interview by Paul Berenson is here with SBCC President John Romo, and an article by SB Independent is here.
___ Bonus video is included in this version posted here at the OLPA website, about a half-hour of additional content following the first 28:30 minutes version edited for the TV-17 replay. This roughly edited bonus video includes: (1) a KEYT TV news story; (2) campaign staff Emily Allen and Mary Rose briefing the volunteer workers; (3) interviews with John Romo about the State matching funds and how SBCC staff can do voter outreach on their personal time; (4) SBCC Vice Prez Pablo Buckelew describing the various Adult Education programs during the LWV forum; (5) SBCC Vice Prez Joe Sullivan pointing out the decaying infrastructure and the SoMA building site; (6) and extensive unedited remarks, facts, and figures described by Romo and O'Neill responding to the common questions and perception about how SBCC does or does not have too many students from distant areas.
___ This episode debuted on TV-17 Wednesday, 07 May 2008, and replayed 8+ times, ending on 19 May (or later to be posted soon), per this schedule mostly at the usual timeslots.
Replay Schedule on TV-17
Wed. May/07/2008 05:30 AM
Sat. May/10/2008 09:30 AM
Sun. May/11/2008 08:00 PM
Tue. May/13/2008 11:30 PM
Wed. May/14/2008 11:30 AM
Sat. May/17/2008 09:30 AM
Sun. May/18/2008 08:00 PM
Mon. May/19/2008 06:30 PM

Watch the Video of this show!! (59 minutes including the bonus video content as the latter half) For an alternative video host via Google Video, select the Episode title atop this post.

05 April 2008

Episode 020... Girls Inc.: Divas for a Cause

Strong, Smart, and Bold.
This episode features a profile of Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara with an emphasis on their upcoming event Divas for a Cause, to be held on Thursday night, 22 May, from 7 to 10 pm (details at the link).
____The guide from Girls Inc. is Librarian and Diva Mari Martin, who tells OLPA co-producers Cathy Murillo and David Pritchett what the fantastic Girls Inc. is all about in Santa Barbara and in Goleta. Lauren Fleming is one of the smart and bold girls interviewed and she is depicted in the video excerpt image.
____This episode started playing Monday, 21 April 2008, and replayed 11 times on cable TV-17 until 05 May, per the regular OLPA schedule plus a couple of additional replays later in May.

Watch the Video of this show!!
(31 minutes, including at the end a reprise of the Diva blues singing and the competitive musical chairs, in addition to the 28:30 version for TV.) If the video stalls, try linking on the title of this website post to go directly to Vimeo.

02 April 2008

Episode 019... Senator Barbara Boxer at SB Women's Political Committee

Access. Voice. Power.

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer joined Santa Barbara Women's Political Committee on the occasion of the the 20th Anniversary celebration for this political powerhouse organization. This annual dinner event with about 230 attendees was held 18th March 2008 at a hotel overlooking East Beach in Santa Barbara.

Besides the keynote address by Senator Boxer, the event featured the annual SBWPC Board President Message (Mary O'Gorman, starting this year), reports on recently endorsed candidates for elected office, awards to high achievers, and the silent and loud auctions. This episode of Off-Leash Public Affairs features the full remarks by Senator Boxer, with a future OLPA episode (summerish 2008) to highlight the other speakers and interviews within the crowd about the state of modern feminism.

In her remarks, Barbara Boxer naturally was projecting forward to a Democrat being elected to USA President, with plenty of commentary about the disaster of the GWBush administration. To hoots from the crowd, the Senator even self-joined the growing Santa Barbara Cabal, when she encouraged all the activists in the room to become the news media and if necessary also raise money for a new local newspaper.

Schedule. This episode debuted 05 April 2008 and replayed a total of 11 times, ending on 20 April 2008, per the replay schedule above, plus a bonus replay at 0730 Friday, 11 April.

Production Technical Note. This video was our first try at the multi-clip editing feature in Final Cut Pro, where Co-Producer Cathy Murillo --with a little help from SBChannels staff genius Josh Figatner-- synced the audio and melded the video recorded from 2 separate cameras into one video clip segment for the overall production. SBChannels Uuber-Volunteer (and another Feminist Man) Tyler Geck helped out as our Crew for the second camera to record the Barbara Boxer remarks.

Watch the Video of this show!!
(30 minutes, including KEYT news story as bonus content in addition to the 28:30 version for TV.) If the video stalls and impairs your computer memory, try linking on the title of this website post to go directly to Vimeo.