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11 November 2008

Episode 030... Will the New President Restore Our Liberties?

Change We Can Believe In?
Let's hope so.

__Remember the War on Iraq? With more than 4200 American military deaths so far, the war is still raging despite nationwide attention focused on the economic implosion. Remember how civil libe rties have eroded under the guise of national security that stretches or breaks even the new laws, including the USA PATRIOT Act? Those hasty laws still exist, but leadership from a new President could update them, or at least direct Federal officials to comply with the actual law about privacy for American citizens.
__This video was edited shortly before the election of Barack Obama, so it maintains a somewhat fake uncertainty about who will be the new American President. Recorded during the annual Santa Barbara Spirit of '76 Parade on Independence Day 2008, Bob Potter of Veterans for Peace and Ron St. John of American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) remind us about the Iraq War and how the U.S. Government seems to be violating its own Constitution. These patriots are interviewed under the backdrop of the parade happenings.
__Playing often on TV-17 on the Santa Barbara Channels GreenScreen show of video shorts playing weekdays in the 6 pm hour, a 9-minute Short-Leash Subject from the parade also was produced, sans interviews and only featuring some music, WWII U.S. Army re-enactors, and a few climate-changing noisy cars.
__As a reminder of Our Liberties, this OLPA episode concludes with low-res video from the March 2007 Peace March held in downtown Santa Barbara to commemorate the 4th Anniversary of the start of Iraq War. Several additional short video files from that Peace March up State Street were recorded by OLPA Producer David Pritchett.

Watch the Video of this show!!
36 minutes. Includes bonus content (not in the TV replay version) of the ABC news story about illegal Government telephone surveillance of American military personnel, plus more video from the March 2007 Peace March in Santa Barbara. For the video hosted by The Google, select the Episode title atop this post.
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