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15 September 2008

Episode 028... Democrats FIRED UP for Change

FIRED UP and Ready To Go!!
Democratic Party stalwarts of Santa Barbara rallied during the re-election campaign kick-off event for Congressional Representative Lois Capps, held 06Sep.2006 at Capps Campaign Headquarters, 1920 De la Vina Street in downtown Santa Barbara.
__Politico speakers included (1) County Supervisor Salud Carbajal pitching for Measure A-2008 on the November County ballot, (2) plus a separate interview about MTD and Measure A with Santa Barbara City Councilmember Helene Schneider, (3) State Assemblymember Pedro Nava describing the State Budget tardiness woes, (4) and former Assemblymember and State Senate candidate Hannah-Beth Jackson urging all to vote their pockets by supporting Barack Obama for President. The video concludes with (5) Naomi Schwartz introducing (6) Lois Capps who speaks about her vision for the nation when Obama gets elected.
__Fresh from the Democratic National Convention as a delegate, (7) local Obama campaign leader Tim Allison also spoke and went to bat for Barack while (8) his 5.75-year-old son TJ Allison led the cheers for the crowd of about 150. Jerry Roberts wrote up a report of the event in his Capital Letters report at Independent website.

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