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10 October 2008

Episode 029... YES WE CAN Change Goleta Politics

Goleta Poised for Greatness after Nov. 2008 Election
With a nod to Goleta as neighbor to Santa Barbara, this episode of Off-Leash Public Affairs (OLPA) features the candidates for Goleta City Council, Third District County Supervisor, and Goleta Water Board. If elected Nov. 2008, they will be the Change We Can Believe In for The Good Land.
_ A politically progressive majority can be attained if Ed Easton and Margaret Connell were elected to Goleta City Council, if Bill Rosen and Lauren Hanson were elected to Goleta Water Board, if Doreen Farr were elected to County Board of Supervisors, and if Hannah-Beth Jackson were elected California State Senate (to attain a two-thirds Democratic majority to be able to pass a different kind of State budget and to overturn Gubernatorial vetoes of bills).
_ Recorded at the annual Democrats Labor Day celebration event held 01 Sept. 2008 at Oak Park in Santa Barbara, this OLPA episode features remarks by Santa Barbara County Democratic Party Chair Daraka Larimore-Hall, California State Controller John Chiang, Goleta City Council candidates Ed Easton and Margaret Connell, Goleta Water Board candidates Lauren Hanson and (remarks one step removed) Bill Rosen, Third District County Supervisor candidate Doreen Farr, State Senate candidate Hannah-Beth Jackson, State Assemblymember and re-election candidate Pedro Nava, and U.S. Congressional Member and re-election candidate Lois Capps, all describing the issues and why they would be the best legislative Decider if elected.
_ OLPA co-Producer Cathy Murillo recorded the video and conducted the interviews, with most editing by co-Producer David Pritchett, along with a snazzy "GreenScreen" introduction featuring some fantastic photos by MisterGoleta (aka Matthew E. Cohen).
_ Bonus Content: The last 10:30 minutes of this video is the Short-Leash Subject Proposition 4: What Part of NO Don't They Understand? Also on the Nov. 2008 ballot in Goleta and all of California, this issue about reproductive choice and safety for teenage girls was recorded from a rally held at Santa Barbara County Courthouse on 05 Sept. 2008. Speakers include Mark Asman (Trinity Episcopal Church), Linda Phillips (League of Women Voters), Joel Rodriguez-Flores (Community Organizer for PUEBLO and SEIU), Mary O'Gorman (SB Women's Political Committee) and Helene Schneider (Santa Barbara City Councilmember).

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